Green card policy: insured events, registration nuances



Traveling abroad by car is always associated with certain risks. What if you lose control and an expensive vehicle is damaged? Instead of stocking up on a lot of money, and even risking a large fine, it is much more profitable to purchase Green Card insurance at the start, which will cover expenses in the event of an insured event.



Green card policy: insured events, registration nuances

Traveling abroad by car is always associated with certain risks. What if you can’t manage to control, and as a result of an accident, someone else’s car suffers? Instead of stocking up on a lot of money, and even risking a large fine, it is much more profitable to purchase Green Card insurance at the start, which will cover expenses in the event of an insured event. Moreover, it is the duty of a motorist traveling abroad by car.

What is a Green Card

Green Card is an international standard motor third party liability insurance contract. Uniform standards for Green Cards were adopted back in 1951, and the Agreement between the National Bureaus of Participants entered into force on January 1, 1953. According to its terms, regardless of the territory where the policy is issued, it is valid in any state that is part of the Green Card system.

We are talking about a kind of international analogue of OSAGO. The presence of this insurance policy is checked when crossing the border – in the absence of a green card, travel is prohibited. The object of insurance, as in OSAGO, is not the vehicle, but the responsibility of the driver. If an accident occurs during the movement of the insured vehicle, the insurer pays compensation to the victim under the terms of the legislation of the local state.

Initially, only Europe and Scandinavia were part of the Green Card system. Today it is 47 countries from Asia, Africa and Europe, including Turkey, Israel, Tunisia, Iran, Morocco. Russia joined them on January 1, 2009.

It is better to take out insurance with a margin, remembering that it is impossible to extend it outside the Russian Federation. So, if you plan to stay abroad for two weeks, choose a period of a month. Remember that for being in the territory of a foreign state without a Green Card, a considerable fine is imposed.

What is considered an insured event

Russian companies that issue Green Card insurance act as intermediaries. Therefore, in the event of an insured event, you need to call not them, but the local bureau.

So, in what cases can you safely present an insurance policy?

  1. If the insured (owner of the car) caused harm to the health of other road users. The Bureau will cover the costs of treatment.
  2. If the driver caused damage to the property of other victims. Compensation for restoration is provided.

Limits of liability are defined only in some states. For example, in Poland, the maximum payment for vehicle damage is 1.5 million euros; for damage to life or health – 5 million euros. In highly developed countries, this value is determined by the court – the amount can have up to seven zeros.

What to do if an insured event occurs? A few nuances

  • Before the arrival of the police, record data from the accident scene (including damage), photograph the scene of the accident and obtain information about the other participants (license plates, driver data)
  • Do not move damaged vehicles and leave the scene of an accident
  • In the protocol, indicate that the language of the state is not your native language, if so. If possible, do not sign documents in a foreign language, the purpose and content of which you do not know
  • Ask for a copy of the protocol. Write down the details of the arriving policeman: name, position, rank, unit
  • If there are casualties in an accident, and you do not speak the local language, ask for an interpreter. You may not testify until your rights are explained to you.

Note! Even if the policy was lost or damaged, the driver’s liability still remains insured. To recover a document, you will need to go through a simple procedure.

Issue price

Russian insurance companies that are members of the Russian Green Card bureau do not determine the cost of the insurance policy themselves. It may change, but not more than once a month. The price is influenced by the exchange rate of the ruble against the currencies of the countries participating in the Green Card, the tariff rates established by all bureaus for the main risks, etc.

There is no franchise in this segment, and the prices for a policy in Russia are the same in all companies! If someone sells it to you cheaper or more expensive, this is the first sign that you have met a scammer. A fake insurance document entails serious, not only financial, liability.

The cost depends on:

  • vehicle type (motorcycles and trailers are cheaper than buses, trucks and cars)
  • term of the contract
  • location

There are two types of policies available today:

  • The first one covers the territory of all participating countries. The cost of annual insurance for a car is (at the time of preparation of the material) about 24.5 thousand rubles, for a month – about 5 thousand rubles.
  • The second one covers the Republics of Belarus and Moldova, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. You can buy an annual policy for 6 thousand rubles. (for a month – no more than 1.5 thousand rubles).

Tariffs for the Green Card policy change once a month

Tariffs for the purchase of a Green Card policy are regulated by the Russian Union of Motor Insurers

Is it possible not to buy?

Yes, but we do not recommend. And, of course, if you are not afraid of serious sanctions. Penalties in different states for entry without a Green Card reach thousands of euros. In addition, the vehicle is delayed until the insurance is issued and may be blacklisted, making it impossible to visit the Schengen countries for a certain time. In a number of states, a driver who does not have a Green Policy and who has committed an accident is equated with a criminal offender, is taken into custody and undertakes to compensate for the damage from his own pocket.

If on the eve of the trip you did not have time to issue a policy, do not despair! You will no longer be able to get a Green Card abroad, but you can buy an insurance contract like a local OSAGO. True, it will cost you several times more. So plan your trip in advance – with the Green Card, travel is easy and fun!

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